Shaykh as-Sa'dee: Love, Pleasure and Dislike Concerning the Actions of the Servant (al-Maqdiyy, al-Maqdoor) and the Actions of Allaah (Taqdeer)
Saturday, December 05 2009 - by Abu.Iyaad
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The Shaykh, Abdur-Rahmaan bin Naasir as-Sa`dee (rahimahullaah) said:

...And as for the action of the servant, which [consists of actions of] obedience and disobedience, then it is obligatory to be pleased with the [actions of] obedience that occur from him and from others besides him, and to love them, and to hate the [actions of] disobedience that occur from him and from others besides him. So pleasure and hate in these two types both return back to the action of the servant, and this [in turn] returns back to the agreement of the Lord [in either] His love for the [actions of] obedience, or His hate [for the actions] of disobedience, and his separating between them both in the rulings of the world and the hereafter. So it is upon us to agree with Allaah regarding that.

And as for the angle of the taqdeer of Allaah of them (those actions of obedience or disobedience), and the action of the Lord (i.e. al-qadaa wal-qadr) from which they emanated, then it is upon us to be pleased with them from this angle, being in agreement with our Lord in that, for He ordained the good and evil and He loved the good and hated the evil that occurs from the servants.

So by this detail, the difficulty ceases in this great matter which requires a practical criterion. And whoever did not differentiate with this differentiation, he will fall into various types of error and (aspects of) ignorance.

Source: al-Laa'ee wad-Durar as-Sa`diyyah, (p.544)

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