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All praise is due to Allaah and may prayers and salutations be upon the Messenger. To proceed:

Welcome to Aqidah.Com. This site is dedicated to documenting, explaining, clarifying and propagating the pure creed of Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah, who are none other than the Righteous Salaf, the People of Hadeeth, the Jamaa'ah, the Aided Group, the Saved Sect, all of these being synonymous terms and phrases for those traversing upon the way of the Companions during the first three-hundred years hijri (300H), and anyone who adhered to that thereafter. There is only one creed that Allaah revealed. There are not two or three divergent creeds. The truth is only one, as Allaah is One, and His Book is one, and His Prophet is one, and His Deen is one, and that which the hearts hold onto of belief can therefore only be one, and that which unites the hearts and bodies can only be one, since the splitting and separation of the hearts and bodies simply follows on from the divergence and difference in the beliefs that reside in the hearts which are in those bodies.

Abul-Mudhaffar as-Sam'aanee (rahimahullaah) wrote in al-Hujjah Fee Bayaan il-Mahajjah (2:224-225):

ومما يدل على أن أهل الحديث هم على الحق: أنك لو طالعت جميع كتبهم المصنفة من أولهم إلى آخرهم، قديمهم وحديثهم، مع اختلاف بلدانهم وزمانهم، وتباعد ما بينهم في الديار، وسكون كل واحد منهم قطرا من الأقطار، وجدتهم في بيان الاعتقاد على وتيرة واحدة، وخط واحد، يجرون فيه على طريقة لا يحيدون عنها، ولا يميلون فيها، قولهم في ذلك واحد، وفعلهم واحد، لا ترى بينهم اختلافا ولا تفرقا في شيء ما وإن قلَّ. بل لو جمعت جميع ما جرى على ألسنتهم نقلوه عن سلفهم، وجدته كأنه جاء من قلب واحد، وجرى على لسان واحد، وهل على الحق دليل أبين من هذا؟

Which translates:

And from what shows that the people of hadeeth, they are the people of truth is that if you were to peruse all of their authored books, from their first to their last, the old and the recent, despite the variation in their cities [of residence] and their eras [in which they lived], and the [great] distance between them in their lands, and every single one of them residing in [his own] region amongst the regions, you will find them to be upon a single method,[in unison], upon a single way, traversing with it upon a path that they do not divert from, they do not incline [to anything else] whilst upon it. Their saying in that [path] is one, their action is one. You will not see difference between them, nor separation in anything, even if it may be insignificant. Rather, if you were to gather what has been [stated] upon their tongues, from that which they narrated from their predecessors, you will find as if it has come from a single heart, and has been [stated] upon a single tongue. And is there any evidence for the truth more clear than this?

And this is the distinguishing feature of the creed of Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah in that it throughout each age and era, its scholars have simply quoted and stated from those who have preceded them, with exactly the same words and statements, until we reach into the era of the Righteous Salaf, prior to 300H.

In light of the above, this website is aimed to reproducing the creed of the Righteous Salaf during the first three hundred years hijrah (300H), that which all of the Imaams and Scholars in that time were unanimously agreed upon, in opposition to the innovators and Heretics. And likewise, the creed of those who remained upon the the way of the Righteous Salaf after 300H, from the great Imaams and Scholars of the religion, up until this day of ours. In addition we will also focus on the variety of innovators laying claim to the creed of the Salaf whereas in reality they are far removed from it.

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